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A2Dominion Case Study

A2Dominion is a residential property group with almost 37,000 homes across London and southern England, and thousands more in the development pipeline.

It provides affordable, private and social rented homes, student, NHS and temporary accommodation, as well as supported housing and homes for older people.



A2Dominion implemented the LACHS claims handling system in 2013. Prior to this, claims management was completed using excel and other paper based systems. This process soon became unsustainable for example, only one person could access the spreadsheet at any one time which meant while the data was being manipulated for reporting no claims management could occur and this was proving increasingly inefficient.


A2Dominion was recommended JCAD LACHS as the market leader in claims management software. The system offered a centralised system that could be accessed by multiple people at any time. It could be accessed via Citrix allowing for home working too. The search functionality and ability to hold both housing data and financial data from the insurers was a great advantage.


LACHS was chosen due to it fulfilling A2Dominion’s requirements as well as it being simple to use, easy to navigate and through offering many user specific custom fields. The efficiencies gained by using a centralised system meant that the time taken to settle a claim has reduced significantly.


Furthermore, A2Dominion has now reduced claim volumes by 25% over a 3 year period. This is partly down to improved processing but also improved risk management. This improvement stems from tracking the types of claims submitted so that mitigation activities such as staff training and improved communication with residents can occur.
Another immediate benefit was that more accurate claims data was available allowing for improved modeling of how potentially higher excesses could reduce future premiums.

An initial saving net of £400,000 was made back in 2014 when the data in LACHS allowed for a 20% reduction in overall premium when the excess level was re-evaluated.


More recently the data from LACHS along with A2Dominion’s improved risk management has aided in a further premium reduction of £325,000.



  • £725,000 net saving over three years
    A2Dominion used the data available in LACHS to determine more accurate premiums and excess levels allowing for big financial savings.
  • Efficient claims handling
    Improved efficiency through a centralised system that is accessible to multiple users simultaneously.
  • EDI module
    Reduce data entry with data from 3rd parties such as insurers uploaded automatically using the EDI module.
  • Reporting
    Detailed quality reporting at the push of a button saves valuable time & generates greater business intelligence. Using Crystal, new reports can be easily created and amended.
  • Reduce claim volumes
    Using the data in LACHS you gain great insight into claim types, causes and volumes and this allows for greater risk management in order to mitigate these risks further and help reduce claim volumes.


A2Dominion are currently implementing the newest version of LACHS, LACHS 5.


‘We are looking forward to benefitting from the new features in LACHS 5, in particular document bundling, GIS mapping, dashboard reporting, email claim reference archiving and the increase in user defined fields.’

Mark Gilbert, Group Insurance Manager

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