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Circle Housing Case Study

Circle Housing is one of the UK’s largest providers of affordable housing with 65,000 homes across the country. It employs around 2,300 staff members and provides desirable homes, sustainable communities and trusted services to around 300,000 customers.

Claims Management System Requirement

Historically, Circle Housing used a combination of manual and electronic systems to manage claims. Looking to improve efficiency, Circle Housing needed a new system to manage claims that included data consolidation and the ability to attach all the case information to each claim. Instant access to claims information for all the team and financial transparency of claims was extremely important. With an increasing requirement to be able to work in numerous locations, a new centralised system was sought, accessible anywhere and at anytime.

Solution – JCAD LACHS Claims Processing system

Having undertaken a robust tender process, Circle Housing chose to implement JCAD LACHS as it was able to offer the following requirements:

Fast integration – Due to the terms of Circle Housing’s insurance renewal, a claims management system needed to be incorporated before the company’s renewal date in just 6-8 weeks. Live claims had to be aligned and validated as part of the integration process. In addition, historic documentation for personal injury claims had to be moved across, as these details must be kept for the life of the individual.

Agility ‘“ Circle Housing’s claims management team moves across many different locations and offices and so needed a solution that allowed data to be accessed whenever and wherever.

Customisable reports – Stop-loss reporting was essential and the system also needed to provide a method for monitoring health and safety incidents, in order to help the company build up profiles, learn lessons about incidents and provide interventions where necessary.

Continuous Development ‘“ the claims management environment is constantly changing – a system was required that would also evolve to accommodate future needs.


The entire team embraced the system and it quickly became a core part of their daily operations.

  • Training

Training was easy due to the intuitive nature of the system and the readily available preparation materials.

  • Communications

Communications have also improved since the implementation of LACHS, as reference numbers can easily be identified between systems – whether in-house or when communicating with clients or insurers. LACHS allows for claims to be tagged with a variety of references, making it easy for different organisations to work together.

  • Faster turnarounds

Thanks to LACHS, new claims are being processed and completed faster than before. The time it takes to decide whether or not to go ahead with a claim has also been reduced.

  • Standardised quality of service

Not only can LACHS offer customised reports, the system can also be used to create templates for emails, letters and other correspondence. This speeds up communications and also ensures a standard level of quality.

  • Searchable data

Another major benefit of the LACHS system is that it makes searching for claims information, historic documentation and other details very easy.

Searches can be carried out on data including names, incident dates and places. This means anyone in the team can access the information they need in a matter of moments.

“Our long term goal is to better manage the claims Circle Housing receives. JCAD LACHS is going to help us do this.”

William Rugarabamu,
Insurance & Fleet Manager


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