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Croydon Council Case Study

JCAD LACHS has transformed the way in which Croydon works – integration of modules allows review of asset register and claims data via the premium apportionment module allowing for budgets to be set.


Croydon Council have been users of the JCAD LACHS system since February 2004. At this point JCAD consultants converted the existing claims and asset data from an ‘˜in house’ database which was no longer delivering the authority’s needs for efficient claims handling. ‘˜In short, the JCAD suite of applications has enabled us to totally transform the way that we work’ Malcolm Davies Head of Insurance & Risk.

Initially they installed the LACHS claim register and over the first year and a half spent time setting up the:

  • Asset Register to include their leasehold and freehold property details (and motor vehicles)
  • Premium Apportionment
  • Electronic Data Interchange Procedures
  • Triangulation and Fund Modelling and’
  • Document imaging

“All the main features of the JCAD LACHS system lived up to our expectations ‘“ claims and asset record management, reporting, and task management. What we really like about the suite of applications is the degree of integration between modules. For example we use the Asset Register as a shortcut way of entering claims and at year-end mixing both claims and Asset Register data via the premium allocation module to set insurance budgets for the following year.”


The EDI link has proved to be invaluable as it eliminates the tedious and time consuming task of updating claims records from insurers paper reports and ensuring ‘˜in time’ synchronisation with other systems. JCAD have spent much time working with insurers such as Zurich Municipal to develop these procedures which not only save time but also provide far more accurate data. ‘˜Like other aspects of the system, things do not stand still, and JCAD have recently developed an enhanced EDI link which has given us a greater degree of detail on our liability transactions. Triangulation reports have removed the element of guess work that used to apply to our annual fund audit reports and ensured an accurate assessment of the authority’s financial position in this area.’


JCAD worked closely with Croydon’s document imaging supplier, Preview Services (document scanning services) to facilitate a complete electronic file solution which not only solved their file storage problem but also helped to re-engineer many business processes within the authority. ‘˜We have been able to extend the JCAD LACHS application across the authority to our partners in Highways, Forestry and other departments which resulted in true joint working and knowledge sharing which has been commended by our Chief Executive to other Chief Officers and Members and also attracted a lot of interest from other local authorities. On this basis we are delighted to be able recommend JCAD to other organisations considering using their applications.’

Further information 

The London Borough of Croydon also successfully uses JCAD RISK. The authority in fact won the ALARM AWARD for Strategic Risk Management in 2007. A case study is also available from JCAD describing this project.

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