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Premium Apportionment Webinar – 7 July 2015

Webinar: An Introduction to the LACHS Premium Apportionment module on Tuesday, 7 July at 2.30pm- 2.50pm.

Register to join our webinar if you would like to learn how the module could help you accurately apportion out your insurance premiums offering the benefits below:

  • Apportion premiums accurately
  • Make departments accountable for their insurance costs
  • Improve risk management awareness
  • Increase visibility of overall apportionment
  • Reduce costs with greater knowledge of insurance costs

JCAD LACHS Premium apportionment module provides real-time dynamic modelling of apportionment factors accurately and equitably across an organisation. This means that the apportionment criteria and premium distribution information can easily be adjusted and the results viewed immediately.

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Want to know more?

For further details on our claims handling system, LACHS and its additional modules, please email us at or call 01730 712020 to request a demo.

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