Posted: June 20th, 2017 2:02pm +00:00

JCAD CORE available on G-CLOUD 9

JCAD is pleased to announce that it has been named an approved supplier on the Government’s latest iteration of the G-Cloud framework, G-Cloud 9.

G-Cloud 9 aims to simplify the procurement process through a pre-approved list of suppliers and technologies on the portal. The framework encourages the use of cloud technology. It offers transparency when making a buying decision and reassurance that the supplier’s solution are fit for purpose and offers value for money. It also offers more flexibility in terms of contract length and renewal.

All public sector organisations across the UK can utilise the framework including government, local government, education, emergency services, health, defence and not for profit organisations.

JCAD has been offering solutions to the public sector for over 25 years and its risk management cloud offering, CORE, is being successfully utilised in over 70 organisations ‘“ many of which public sector organisations. JCAD welcomes the latest iteration of the framework and is pleased to be featured on the pre-approved list to ensure that any clients and potential clients are able to take advantage of our solutions as easily as possible.

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