Posted: February 22nd, 2016 1:01pm +00:00

Why I am undertaking the International Risk Management Diploma (IRM)

For those of you who don’t know me, I am Jackie Tims and I am a risk management implementation consultant at JCAD. Having thought my days of studying were behind me I find myself working towards modules 1 & 2 of the Risk Management Certification. As an experienced and successful implementation consultant that is proud of my relationships with my clients and who enjoys receiving numerous referrals, why would I undertake this challenge to gain a new qualification?

Having practised everyday risk management in previous roles it was exciting for me to join JCAD to see the advantages that a technology could bring. Working towards the IRM 1 & 2 certification offers a great opportunity for me to gain real insight into how our risk management tool, CORE, affects its users and understand how they are utilising it in their daily lives. I set up bespoke reports for clients but I don’t get to see how this information is utilised in real life and this qualification offered me a window into our clients’ worlds.

Offering a great service to our customers has always been a priority and I love working with risk managers from a diverse range of sectors. The CRM qualification would allow me to gain the fundamentals of risk management theory that are common throughout every industry. The risks may be different, with different priorities but the over arching aim is the same ‘“ to identify, monitor and assess risks in order to operate effectively and still meet business objectives.

Keeping up with the latest trends within risk management would also allow me to become pivotal in offering these insights to our development team in order to ensure that our risk management tool remains the tool of choice for risk management professionals.

One of the most important reasons for gaining additional letters after my name is that I AM A GEEK. I love studying and have 2 degrees ‘“Physics and Biology. I also have tutoring qualifications. Having received 102% in my calculus exam (yes, I received 100% + an additional 2% out of a possible 5% from a bonus question), I was encouraged to gain tutoring qualifications. Like I said ‘“ I am a geek.

One benefit that I wasn’t anticipating is the fantastic level of camaraderie I have received having learnt that some of my customers are also completing this qualification too.

I’d love to hear from you if you are also studying these modules ‘“ perhaps we can share the highs and lows and provide moral support. Alternatively, if you are not studying but have some words of encouragement or advice, these would be gratefully received also’“ my exams start in June!

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