Posted: January 15th, 2015 10:10am +00:00

Coast & Country Housing Group – an update on LACHS implementation

It has now been some 10 months since JCAD implemented the claims handling system, LACHS, at Coast & Country (announced in April 14). We are pleased that things have gone well as recent feedback from the association illustrates.

“JCAD LACHS is very easy to use; to load new claims and import new documents and emails. The task bar at the front is the main selling point as it makes managing daily and weekly tasks easy, enabling handlers to keep up to date on what is outstanding on each claim. The reports are also easy to use and capture specific information needed to use for analysis. Having email and word document templates make correspondence production simple as all the information is copied across from the claim to the document.

I would advise anyone to use and purchase the product. It has made our claims experience a lot better and more efficient.” Lewis Gamble-Thompson, Insurance Officer

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