Posted: July 15th, 2021 1:01pm +00:00

Enhance DR, Cloud Back up & Recovery with Redstor

enhanced disaster recovery and back ups


JCAD is pleased to announce its partnership with Redstor in order to enhance disaster recovery, cloud back up and recovery for our clients.

Our arrangement with our existing hosting partner, UKFast still remains but the Redstor relationship is aimed at providing our clients with an additional option for even greater resilience. Off-site backup at Redstor with data center replication will provide maximum resilience and disaster recovery. This independence from UKFast will significantly reduce the RPO (Recovery Point Objective) in the event of catastrophic loss of the UKFast infrastructure.


It is our aim to ensure our customer’s receive secure and effective solutions and we feel that this added protection will enhance our offering to you and add even further peace of mind.

If you’d like to know more about this offering, please email:

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