Posted: September 7th, 2023 8:08am +00:00

Halton Borough Council move LACHS to jCLOUD

Halton Borough Council moved LACHS to JCAD’s jCLOUD in April 2023. Reducing the responsibility of Halton Borough Council’s internal IT department was a significant factor in deciding to move to jCLOUD. With JCAD hosting the LACHS software, their internal IT department has been relieved of the responsibilities to run and maintain the server for LACHS and now has no storage issues either. All the updates of the system can now be completed by JCAD easily without the need to gain access and without calling on their internal IT team to assist.

Suzanne Leadbetter, Insurance Manager at Halton Borough Council said: ‘The transition to jCLOUD was unbelievably smooth with only 30 minutes downtime. Carrie kept us well-informed throughout and everything works seamlessly. Using jCLOUD is a more cost-effective solution for us too.’

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