Posted: July 22nd, 2021 8:08am +00:00

How can LACHS help you streamline your claims process?

Improving resource allocation whilst maintaining a high quality of service and reducing costs is a tough ask however organisations with a requirement to manage their own claims can do this using specialised claims handling software.

It removes much of the mundane such as filing, data entry and data reconciliation allowing the insurance team to focus on the actual management of claims. In this way claim costs are reduced, premiums decreased, and financial reporting is improved.

Document management

The system allows for the paperless storage of all documentation and notes regarding a claim. As well as this, LACHS has an additional feature that allows you to bundle documents as a PDF a feature that has been utilised greatly by our clients for internal meetings and court hearings.


LACHS has the added benefit of having online forms for first notification of loss. Allowing the claimant to complete a claim form online saves time, money, and aids accuracy. The information is automatically uploaded to LACHS, eliminating the need to send out forms and wait for their return and then enter details manually. The quicker the remediation time helps to achieve a smaller settlement figure too.


Bespoke dashboards enable handlers to see the data that is most relevant more quickly and easily allowing improved decision making and monitoring of things like stop/loss or workloads. This data can be exported as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF at the push of a button.


Whether linking into accountancy solutions to enable easier and more auditable claim payments or uploading monthly bordereaux data from a broker or insurer, a claims handling software streamlines such process saving a great deal of time. JCAD provide an upload tool for companies such as Zurich Municipal, Gallagher Basset & Cunningham Lindsay and can work with you to investigate other integrations.

If you’d like to learn how JCAD LACHS could help your claims department the please get in touch for a demo!

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