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How technology can improve claims handling in 6 simple steps

When it comes to claims handling, fast turnaround and a high level of service are both extremely important. For your team to be successful, each person needs to be well trained and have the right tools available to get their job done quickly and to the expected standard.

Although claims management can be a complicated and fast-paced field, making improvements doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, a few changes can go a long way towards improving your service – especially since technology is on your side. The key is not getting carried away with processes and efficiencies, prioritising them above the people involved.

Here are some simple, yet effective, ways technology can help improve your claims handling, while still allowing you to retain that all-important human element

1. Choose dedicated software
Opting for software that’s specifically designed to help with claims handling can make your process more streamlined and efficient, without losing out on a sense of personalisation. JCAD LACHS is a claims handling application that has been developed over twenty years. It offers in-house claims management teams a variety of tools to make their jobs easier, as well as improve accuracy.

2. Use data effectively

It’s likely that you have a significant amount of data stored in your system – so why not make that information work for you? JCAD’s claims management software enables you to generate reports and analytics that can help you spot trends, make educated predictions and determine possible outcomes.

In addition, try to find ways to make your data collection more efficient. Data duplication is a common problem that stems from people using different tools. By bringing all your information into a single database, you can ensure that it’s as current as possible and you won’t have conflicting data – or multiple people trying to collect the same piece of information.

3. Automate tasks

From writing letters to generating diary events and creating follow-up reminders, there are a number of tasks that can be automated with JCAD software, saving you time and improving efficiency. Automation can also lead to more accuracy and ensure all claims are processed to the same standard.

4. Establish best practice

It might seem like all claims are unique – and there are many different variables to consider for each situation. However, the actual processes involved in dealing with a claim – first notice of loss (FNOL), segmentation, assignment, adjudication, investigation and subrogation – are all very similar when you look at them individually.

Creating a standardised workflow can improve efficiency and make it easier for your team to keep claims moving at a good pace. What’s more, having a fixed procedure in place will help to ensure that the same level of service is provided, no matter what the case specifics are or who is involved. Specialist software like JCAD’s claims handling system can help you establish a set workflow and ensure that all cases are handled in the same manner.

5. Don’t overload your team

Claims management is one field where quality definitely trumps quantity. Your team will do a much better job if they are not overworked – and in the long run, this is much better for your business.

JCAD’s claims management software helps to reduce the workload of each team member, carrying out many tasks automatically and simplifying processes. This enables each team member to increase productivity and take on more cases without making them feel overworked.

6. Grow through experience

Things change – the business will grow, legislation might be re-written and the tools available will be upgraded – so be sure your claims department is capable of changing too. JCAD software is completely scalable, making it suitable for use in organisations of any size – and it can evolve as your requirements change.

To learn more about JCAD LACHS, and how it can be implemented in your organisation, please get in touch on 01730 712020.

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