Posted: August 22nd, 2017 10:10am +00:00

LACHS Claims Management Health Check available

LACHS health check3

Would you benefit from a LACHS, claims handling health check?


JCAD is proud of our consultancy services and how these ensure best practice for our customers. We are offering half price consultancy at just £500 + expenses for a full day when booked before the end of September.

The LACHS health check will:

  • ensure you are utilising LACHS in the most efficient way
  • highlight any areas that could be better utilised
  • review the organisation structure where necessary
  • provide refresher training or in-depth training where required
  • evaluate if you could benefit from any of our additional modules

If you are located in close proximity to other LACHS users we would be happy to provide this service to multiple organisations and split the costs accordingly.


To order your LACHS health check please email:


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