Posted: January 11th, 2021 4:04pm +00:00 | By Phil Walden

Lockdown continued….Jan 2021

I last wrote on the topic of the Coronavirus and its impact last June. At that point, summer was upon us and things were looking more positive, today however we are in the possible icy grip of another ‘beast from the east’ as well as a national lockdown. Not so rosy.

Normally, Christmas is a time I enjoy immensely but it felt pretty much like every other day albeit with slightly richer food and the likelihood of seeing absolutely no one other than immediate family members. Thank god for my new found friends at DPD, Hermes, DHL, Parcelforce and Amazon.

From a work perspective, JCAD has continued to operate without the need to furlough or lay off any staff and the business continues to operate in an effective and productive way. Both ourselves and our clients have come to terms with the new ways of working that COVID dictates and to be honest in some respect’s things are easier. For example, IT departments are now more amenable to us ‘remoting on’ to fix issues and are far more supportive of the use of Teams, Webex and Zoom so communications are now regular and hassle free.

Let’s hope that the vaccine roll out carries on without any difficulties and that all our colleagues, friends and family remain fit and healthy.

I hope to see you in the summer.


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