Posted: May 16th, 2023 4:04pm +00:00

Sutton Council handles 11 councils’ claims using JCAD’s claims handling system, LACHS

Efficient claims handling

Over the course of the last 10 years or so the London Borough of Sutton Council has taken over the management of claims for 10 other local authorities. With over 1200 claims open at any time, and approximately 15 new claims being handled each working day, Sutton Council obviously requires modern systems to ensure the overall efficiency of the claims department.

Using JCAD LACHS, the claims handling team of 11, has a clear understanding of their daily and weekly tasks and management has a clear overview of workload ensuring that tasks can be delegated appropriately.

Bulk email import & FOI Requests

With over 140 emails a day, the bulk email import facility within LACHS is an invaluable tool to ensure all correspondence is quickly dealt with and allocated to the correct claim. Any that cannot be matched automatically are easily manually reviewed.  The custom find function allows for any field to be searched upon, Sutton Council use this to very quickly answer the many FOI requests that it receives regardless of which council.

Avoid MoJ fines

Avoiding fines by processing claims within the MOJ claims deadlines is essential. JCAD LACHS, claims handling software, is customisable and can clearly track the timeframes for claims, ensuring that the 15, 30 and 40 working day time limits are met and  penalties avoided. This type of configurable workflow can save the council many thousands of pounds.

Claim Trends

Sutton Council conducts service reviews with the key claims generating departments. JCAD LACHS allows for data to be pulled off the system and easily compared with previous quarters or years. This data allows for any anomalies to be highlighted, reviewed, and rectified. If pothole claims for example have increased, then it would be possible to review this with the highways team and contractor to determine why this is so and how to combat the issue. By reducing claim volumes, insurance premiums and resourcing costs will be reduced, saving money.


Claim reporting needs to be both user friendly and customisable. LACHS allows data for management and board reports to be extracted quickly and easily.

Sutton Council enjoys being a zero-cost department through its claim management function, handling claims efficiently and effectively for 11 councils.

Nathan Ayres, Insurance Team Leader says ‘LACHS makes our claims handling function run smoothly and effectively. The simplicity of the system means it is well utilised. Task planning for the team is invaluable and accurate reporting is essential to our success.’

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