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Use LACHS to its full potential with the help of our professional services team

JCAD is pleased to be able to offer a range of consultancy services that ensure our solutions continue to offer great value and meet our clients’ evolving requirements.

Homeworking module

The COVID 19 pandemic has been a great example of how our clients’ needs can change. With so many staff working from home the ability to use our web-based Homeworking module has been vital to ensure continuity of service.

Currently we have 20 clients who have taken advantage of our Homeworking solution.


We currently host 30 clients on jCLOUD. This involves the migration of all services and data from your on-premises servers to our Cloud Servers. This eliminates IT resource at the client side and greatly enhances connectivity and performance. We have found that all clients who have moved to our Cloud have experienced performance gains when operating LACHS from our servers rather than their on-premise solution.

Most recently Essex County Council has moved their LACHS database to the jCLOUD.

Sasja Brady, Assistant Project Manager was thrilled with the service she received from our implementation consultants: “I just want to extend my thanks to you all ‘“ your prompt response to every email sent, from both myself and my team throughout the migration to jCLOUD, has been fantastic and it has been a real pleasure working with you.”

A move to our Cloud can be completed in a matter of days if necessary.

GDPR Compliance

Our consultants help our clients ensure that their LACHS database remains UK GDPR compliant. Our consultants will liaise with you to understand your retention criteria and advise on some best practices if assistance is required. Once completed results will be tested and an output showing which data will be cleansed is provided. Afterwards the full live cleanse can be performed.

LACHS 4 customers require a little more intervention from our consultants to run a script with the GDPR rules as provided by our clients based on their own GDPR policy and this should be completed annually. LACHS 5 has some features to ensure GDPR compliance on an on-going basis and so less intervention is required from our consultants.

Power BI Integration

LACHS 5 can be integrated into a Power BI solution and our consultants can assist in getting reports setup for you, from as little as assisting in showing you where to collect to the data from, through to building custom Power BI reports in your system for you.

Consultancy Services

Need a department re-structure or to update a large number of Policies or your Asset Registers updated? These are just a few examples of what our consultants have performed in the last 3 months. Whatever you need our consultants are on hand to assist and help you get the most out of LACHS.


If you are unsure how LACHS works, or would like to discuss best practice, our consultants have many years of experience working with LACHS and multiple clients and will be able to help train you and your team in using LACHS.


If you would like to learn more, please call 01730 712020 and speak with the professional services team today!


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