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What’s new in LACHS V5.20

Driver Register

JCAD is pleased to announce a new driver register is available in the latest version of LACHS, V5.20. The addition of this register enables the recording of your own driver details, as well as, the ability to assign drivers to specific vehicles. This information can then be used to simplify the claim data-entry process ensuring that the claimant and vehicle information is accurate and provide own driver and vehicle claims analysis.


  • Easily access driver information with all details centrally stored
  • Simplifies claim data entry
  • Driver and vehicle claim analysis


GDPR module

LACHS 5.20 has an invaluable GDPR module to aid with your compliance to the new regulation.

‘‹This new module not only allows for the anonymisation of claim data in line with the new GDPR regulations but will also notify you of any claims that have met the anonymisation criteria such as exceeding the retention period. This will ensure that you are able to comply with your own GDPR and Privacy Policies.


  • Aids compliance for the new GDPR regulation
  • Anonymisation allows data to be kept for reporting purposes


BACS module

‘‹It is now possible to record bacs details against organisations, departments and claimants. When used in conjunction with the payment authorisation process, payment information can then be passed to external financial systems for automated processing.


  • Store information centrally
  • Make payments efficiently with automated payments through integration with financial systems

Geo-mapping and hotspot plotting

‘‹With our integrated address lookup and geo-mapping facilities it is not only possible to display and plot the location of individual claims, it is now also possible to visualise multiple data sets from claim search results onto geographic maps. This enables you to, for example, analyse claim clusters relating to common causes or view the details of individual claims directly on the map for comparison purposes.


  • Cost savings through efficiency ‘“ using a map to plot data will allow appropriate plans to be constructed and implemented
  • Better decision making ‘“ comparing different data sets allows for a greater understanding of an issue and for better decisions to be made off the back of it
  • Managing geographically ‘“ managing assets, serving customers/citizens, making decisions, and more accurate communication.


Microsoft Excel based reporting output

‘‹All reports now output directly into Microsoft Excel. They are formatted specifically to provide a professional layout and ease of printing. By integrating with a common well know tool, such as Microsoft Excel, you can easily manipulate report data, as well as use the rich features available such as charting and pivot tables.


  • Excel is a user-friendly tool
  • Easy manipulation of data
  • Feature rich software
  • Universal software


Click here to watch the 5.20 feature video now…

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