Supporting Services

1. Support

We offer comprehensive range of support services, including implementation, as well as training and troubleshooting. The software is also updated regularly. Various upgrades can be provided to help you create a highly functional and streamlined system that suits your organisation’s specific requirements.

Our dedicated support team is available from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays). We are committed to providing a quick response and satisfactory resolution to every query.

In addition, we hold regular User Group meetings, to help you learn more about your software and refresh your skills, while our LinkedIn group offers a place where customers can network with other users.


2. Implementation

We are proud of our implementation support for our claims system, JCAD LACHS. Implementing JCAD LACHS is a quick and straightforward process, thanks to the software’s off-the-shelf design and our 30 years of experience carrying out such projects. Our team will work closely with you to ensure implementation goes smoothly without any disruption to your business.

‘¢ Software installation – We will supply the software via a download link, along with full instructions for setting up a demo database that can run as a service on your server. We can also install the software for you if given appropriate remote access.
‘¢ Data migration – This is carried out in multiple steps to ensure the information is accurately moved from the old system to the new. First, a prototype migration is configured and tested. Once that has been approved, then the definitive migration can be completed and the system set to live.
‘¢ Training – Full training is available to help ensure all users are comfortable with the software and all of its functions.


3. Training

JCAD LACHS is designed to be both intuitive and user-friendly, meaning that most users can quickly get to grips with its operation from day one.

To ensure users know how to make the most of this powerful software, we also offer a variety of training options. This covers all aspects of JCAD LACHS, including administrator options, data entry, enquiries, diaries, correspondence, reporting and exporting data.

Follow-up training, a few weeks after the initial training, can be arranged to answer any additional questions.

We also host User Group meetings to help our clients learn more about using JCAD software. You can find additional advice, tips and support at our LinkedIn group.

4. Data migration

We have extensive experience helping clients migrate data from their old systems to JCAD LACHS and we work hard to ensure the process goes smoothly and quickly, with minimal disruption.

The process begins with a copy of your existing claims handling files. We use this to analyse the data and carry out a prototype migration. It’s also an opportunity to cleanse the data and re-structure it as necessary.

We then provide you with the data analysis, using pivot tables for the proposed mappings from old to new. Once this is approved, the prototype migration is installed on-site where it can be further tested.

When everyone is satisfied that the prototype data migration is accurate, the definitive migration is carried out. The finalised system is set to go live and a complete audit trail is provided.


5. Upgrades

As an organisation’s requirements change, JCAD’s LACHS software can be upgraded in various ways to ensure it continues to provide the functionality you need.

  • Our software is consistently updated to reflect changes in technology, regulations and best practice.
  • The system can be scaled up or down, based on changes to the number of claims being processed or how many people need to use the software.
  • Modules can be added to upgrade and customise your system – just some of the options available include asset registers, online claim submission and a dedicated health and safety module.

You can be assured that our implementation support from initial implementation and for future upgrades will be hassle free.