LACHS 6 claims handling software available now

With JCAD LACHS claims management software, organisations can improve the efficiency and productivity of in-house claims management. This powerful and scalable software is designed to provide a high level of functionality to busy insurance claims processing departments, improving customer service, reducing operational costs and bringing down insurance premiums.

Using JCAD LACHS will help you:

Efficiently process claims in-house

Move your claims management function in-house to save money and increase the level of expertise. JCAD LACHS will help to streamline processes and improve data management.

View data and generate reports easily

Get the most out of the data you have: learn from past mistakes, improve systems and enhance workflows.

Reduce claims and insurance premiums

Mitigating the risk of future incidents and increasing process accuracy can reduce claim occurrence and bring down premiums.

Increase governance and compliance

Details from incident reports, risk assessments, near miss reports and reviews can be automatically tracked, providing a complete audit trail and a valuable resource for risk management.

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Maintain historic data

Details about old cases must be kept for a certain length of time, but that data may also contain valuable information. Unlock the power of historic data with JCAD LACHS claims handling software, and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.

Powerful and flexible reporting

More than 50 standardised reports are available, giving you ability to turn data into useful information.

Faster claims processing

JCAD LACHS is designed to improve efficiency, with features like asset registers, online claims submissions forms and the ability to upload documents from insurers straight to the system.

Improve consistency

Collect and store data in the same way for every case, helping to meet deadlines and follow agreed timelines. Templates for emails and reports ensure that there is a consistent level of quality in correspondence.

Paperless office

Keeping all paperwork, photos and other documents in digital format makes it easy to store and locate information when it's needed. It also reduces the physical storage space required for archived items.

Quick implementation

Implementing JCAD LACHS claims management software is a straightforward process that can be completed 1.5 to six months, depending on data complexity.

Cost effective

Claims management software save money in a number of ways, from simplifying processes to reducing claims and insurance premiums and identifying ways to prevent future incidents. The software is also affordable and you only pay for what you need.

Increased agility

With JCAD LACHS, managers can enjoy improved insight and tasks can be assigned easily. Time spent in meetings is reduced and members of the claims processing team can get on with their responsibilities.

Customisable Modules

Every organisation has unique requirements when it comes to claims handling. The modular design of JCAD LACHS ensures you have the functionality you need, without having to pay for the things you don't.

Geo-mapping and Address Look-up

Quickly locate addresses UK wide and use our geo-mapping features to precisely plot the location of individual claims and visualise multiple data sets from claim search results on geographic maps.

Document bundling

With just a few clicks you can export multiple diary events, documents, emails and actions from a claim file into a single PDF document for printing, saving and distributing. This exciting new feature eliminates the need to manually collate documentation.


LACHS 5 has several new features to help you comply with the GDPR regulations. These include the highlighting of any claims that hit your anonymisation criteria allowing for prompt review. An audit log will show all the amendments that have been made.


Run reports at the push of a button. Our improved reports functionality now outputs as Microsoft Excel allowing for easy manipulation of data, in a universal, feature rich and flexible format.

Interactive Dashboards

LACHS 5 benefits from customisable dashboards allowing you to see the information you require at an instant.

Claims Litigation

The cost of claims litigation can be high. LACHS 5 new litigation features enable effective management of claims through the litigation process and the provide the ability to draw upon experience gained from previously litigated claims.

Event Notifications

LACHS 5 monitoring features allow management to have clear oversight of user activity and can configure triggers alerts to notify users to any unusual activity.

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JCAD LACHS is a comprehensive easy to use system with excellent reporting functions.

Tony Goddard

Bedford Borough Council

Can I take this opportunity to thank you for the very smooth transition to the LACHS system, and the great work that you did with all the mapping etc, which has definitely made our life here much easier (I had anticipated having to do a lot of that myself!)

Mark Eyre

Dorset CC

JCAD's LACHS has helped Essex County Council to streamline our processes. By implementing the online claim form we have become more efficient and this has helped reduce our decision making time to claimants. As the form is online we no longer need to send out postal forms and await their return. The online form automatically populates LACHS and minimal no data entry is required.

This additional module has also allowed us to tailor the process whereby the form can only be submitted when the defect has been reported first, therefore, providing us with the information we require to inspect the defect and start the investigation of the claim.

Karen Gooch

Essex County Coucil