Supporting Services

1. Support

JCAD CORE is backed up by a comprehensive support package, including implementation, training, troubleshooting and updates.

Our dedicated support team is on-hand to provide users with assistance and can be contacted via telephone or through an online form.

We provide support from 9am to 5:30pm Monday to Friday (except bank holidays) and we work hard to ensure all queries get a quick response. We are always happy to help and our aim is to make life easy for customers.

Other services include User Group meetings, where you can learn how to get the most of your software or refresh your knowledge of the system. We also have a LinkedIn group where customers can network with other users.


2. Updates

Here at JCAD, we believe that creating a piece of software shouldn’t be a one-off event. Industries, businesses, regulations, people and computer hardware all change and we are committed to providing tools that are relevant – now and in the future.

That’s why JCAD CORE is regularly updated to reflect customer feedback. Keeping products up-to-date is key to customer satisfaction and with more than two-thirds of our employees being developers, we can continuously improve our products.


3. Implementation

We aim to make the implementation process as smooth as possible for clients. Our extensive experience and off-the-shelf software help to prevent disruptions and ensure the process is as quick as possible.

Implementation is split into five parts and the entire process can take as little as two weeks to complete.

  • Discovery – Our consultants work with customers to gain a thorough understanding of the requirements for risk, audit and compliance. We then compile a complete record of required criteria – such as terminology, classifications, corporate plans and the risk matrix. Other details, including the layout of dashboards, access rights and system configuration are also gathered during this first step.
  • Database prototype – A prototype database is configured and developed for review, testing and approval.
  • Framework development – System rules and terminology are decided and amendments are made based on prototype feedback.
  • Definitive database – The final version of the database is delivered, ready for implementation into the organisation.
  • Training – JCAD provides comprehensive training on the use, functionality and framework of the new database at a time and location that suits your needs.
  • Go live and support – Once users are comfortable with the new system, it can be used daily as part of normal business activities. JCAD offers ongoing telephone support, as well as User Group meetings and we can also assist with hosting solutions for the application.


4. Data migration

When moving from your old system to JCAD CORE, what happens to the current and historic data? As part of our service, we provide complete migration of all your data so that everything is available from day one and no time-consuming manual data entry is required.

During the implementation process, we will develop the CORE framework and categorisations to align with your current data format. We will also carry out a data cleanse, reviewing and restructuring tables as required.

Once the data has been structured and rationalised for use in the CORE framework, a prototype of the migrated database is installed at the client’s site, along with a complete audit trail and reconciliation reports to ensure all information matches the current database. Only once this is approved is the definitive migration carried out.


5. Training

Comprehensive training is provided before the system goes live to make sure that users can make the most of the software and its features. This includes administrator options and data entry, as well as reporting and exporting data.

Risk champions will be selected to attend training sessions, enabling them to use JCAD CORE confidently and train other members of staff on how the software works. Training can be carried out on-site, at an external location or remotely – and additional training sessions can be provided as necessary.

We also host User Group meetings to help our clients get even more from the software and our LinkedIn group also provides a wealth of information.


6. Hosting

Opting for a hosted solution to your risk management provides additional peace of mind since your data is stored off-site and can be accessed from anywhere. Hosting can also help you to reduce overheads and ensure your servers are managed to the highest level.

We offer staggered levels of hosted service provision, enabling you to choose an option that best suits the needs of your business.

Choose from shared hosting or dedicated servers and enjoy a range of inclusive services including backups and security.

JCAD CORE is hosted through UK Fast, a hosting provider that is accredited to ISO 27001, the standard relating to information security management systems.

UK Fast offers a secure data facility with a technical team that’s always on-hand to deal with faults and other issues. Thanks to the company’s sophisticated network structure, it guarantees 99 per cent up-time, while managed dedicated firewalls will protect your data from malicious attacks.