Check out our latest risk management software, CORE 5

Streamline and enhance compliance and enterprise risk management with JCAD's risk management solution, JCAD CORE. This fully customisable compliance and risk management software lets you manage risk to the level you want, with powerful monitoring and reporting functions to help you make informed decisions.

New Features in CORE 5
API Integration

API Integrations allow you to connect to Power BI Solutions, SAP, Oracle and more.

Fresh New Interface

Fresh new interface & improved navigation encourages user engagement

Smartphone Compatibility

Smartphone Compatibility provides full functionality of the system from your phone

Custom Fields

Custom fields coming soon

Using JCAD CORE will help you:

Proactively identify, monitor and mitigate risk

Protect your business, your reputation, your employees and your customers, while tracking events and logging preventative measures.

Ensure corporate compliance

JCAD CORE is currently helping businesses manage health and safety risk assessments, financial compliance and controls, information security according to ISO 27001 and CQC fundamental care standards.

Capitalise on new opportunities

Risk management isn't just about the negative consequences and JCAD CORE can help you exploit potentially positive outcomes.

Drive effective business strategy

Real-time information, combined with customisable reporting, helps to ensure decisions are made with robust intelligence.

Improve efficiency

Monitor records, store documents, view tasks, capture recommendations and demonstrate proof of compliance all from one central location.

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The software is simple but effective, and can be configured to mirror existing frameworks, speeding up the learning process and ensuring ease of use.

Cost effective

Enjoy a high level of functionality at an affordable price thanks to the software's off-the-shelf and customisable design.

Quick implementation

JCAD's unique approach means that new systems can be fully set-up within a matter of weeks, without extensive disruption to the client.


Works for both small and large organisations, also designed to allow evolution of risk management requirements.

Multiple registers

Build a holistic view of your organisation, with various registers to monitor each aspect of compliance and risk.

Performance metrics

Monitor key performance indicators, capture information and generate reports with ease.

Interactive dashboards

Ensure each user has access to the most relevant and recent information.

Automated alerts

User-defined alerts generate email reminders to update or review a record.

Fully configurable

This risk management software can be tailored to reflect each organisation's specific way of working '“ from the business and reporting structures through to the categorisations and terminology used.

Supporting Services
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The JCAD team was very helpful during implementation and continues to be very responsive to questions. Even with our six hour time difference, they make it work. We are very pleased with the product and use it as an electronic database of our enterprise risks.

Joda Morton

University of Illionois

The Council required a better way of managing its risks, rather than the disjointed arrangements we had using Excel and Word. JCAD Core has enabled us to report with the most current data across strategic, operational and programme/projects risks. It has flexibility in the format of reports so we have a '˜corporate' look but enables bespoke reporting that is designed by our own JCAD administrator.

The Council was confident that JCAD risk was the best solution, six years on, we haven't been disappointed.

Pam Pursley

Somerset Council

JCAD CORE has enabled us to free ourselves from the poor response times of our IT Contractor. The system is simple yet has more sophisticated functionality if required.

Stephen Stuchbury

London Borough of Bexley

JCAD RISK is a comprehensive easy to use system with excellent reporting functions.

Tony Goddard

Bedford Borough Council

JCAD Risk is flexible, dynamic and affordable. It was designed for the public sector and IT WORKS to help you successfully implement ERM. I am very impressed with the staff, their responsiveness and the way that JCAD Risk continues to evolve. I don't just recommend it, I HIGHLY recommend it! I'm talking about it to all of my ERM clients.

Dorothy Gjerdrum

Arthur J Gallagher

Thanks again for all your help, as ever your company has great documentation, friendly staff and always offer a solution.

Rob Harwood

RB of Windsor & Maidenhead

The decision to work with JCAD was straight forward. The software offered the vast majority of what we needed and was simple to use. Equally important as the functionality, I also recognised in them a partner that would work with us to improve the system as our risk management needs evolved.

Martyn Love

National Friendly