Multiple Registers



One or multiple registers: with JCAD CORE, it’s your choice

The risk register is an important part of any risk management plan. It serves as a log of all identified risks, their severity, their probability of happening and the actions that should be taken to mitigate them. It can also provide an historic perspective and help risk managers identify trends.


What’s more, the risk register provides valuable information for managers and stakeholders and it should be consulted as part of any business decision or strategy development.


Although many organisations only think about risk when considering registers, they can in fact be used for far more. This is because regardless of the type of compliance (risk, audit tasks, regulations) they all share some common attributes, namely;


  • A name or description;
  • Someone within the business has responsibility for their management;
  • They have tasks and activities associated with them;
  • They are periodically assessed;
  • They need to be reported upon;


Using additional registers to manage different business areas will provide a holistic approach and ensure that all departments receive a greater understanding of the business as a whole. It will also allow all business areas to ensure efficiency and compliance.


With JCAD CORE, you can choose between using a single risk register or many, with options including:

Risk register

JCAD CORE is primarily a risk register. It is highly configurable, so can align easily with any enterprise risk management framework that you already have in place, and its intuitive interface means the software is easy to learn and use.

With the basic risk register, you can link risks to strategy and reporting structure, as well as other records like opportunities, incidents and compliance. It structures risk profiles via a traffic light methodology, enabling risk to be assessed easily, and provides a comprehensive audit trail.


Opportunity management

Risk management doesn’t always have to be about the negative things that could happen to a company. It can also look at the potential positive outcomes.

The Opportunity Management register includes tools that are designed to help recognise opportunities and work towards achieving them.


Compliance register

Most businesses are faced with a long list of legal regulations that must be followed, as well as internal policies and procedures.

With the Compliance register, you can view and monitor various risks related to compliance, as well as store documentation, view tasks and capture recommendations. The system also maintains an audit trail and enables proof of compliance.


Audit register

Audit management is becoming increasingly difficult – the numbers of regulations are increasing and existing rules seem to be constantly changing.

With JCAD Audit Tracking, you can assign owners to each risk and risk-based action. This register provides businesses with a fully trackable system for managing both internal and external audit programmes and it makes it easy to capture relevant data, create checklists, plans and recommendations and generate reports for review and analysis.


Centralised and consistent

While multiple risk registers certainly have their benefits, there may also be times when you need a more holistic view of what risks – or opportunities – could affect the company as a whole.

With JCAD CORE’s risk registers, all of the data is stored in a single location and in a consistent manner, making it easy to manage multiple registers, as well as find and consolidate the information you need to generate reports or carry out analysis.

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