How can a business assurance software solution help my organisation?

It is vital for modern organisations to have good governance and assurance processes in place to help manage systems and risks in order to protect current and future performance. In simple terms, the right software can make the difference between assuming compliance and demonstrating compliance and thus whether objectives are achieved. Our tools make this process easier to manage and provide users with straight forward access to powerful information which supports critical business decision making.


Why choose JCAD CORE over other similar risk management software solutions?

JCAD CORE offers businesses a complete assurance software solution that is unique to their specific needs. It is also priced to reflect the size and complexity of the client ensuring that organisations can start small but as they themselves grow the JCAD system can evolve with them. The CORE functionality can easily be extended to incorporate new business disciplines and as a cloud based solution is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. It is also unique in that it offers unlimited ‘˜view only’ accounts ensuring transparency of information across the organisation.


What does JCAD’s risk management solution, CORE, offer?

JCAD CORE provides business with relevant license permissions, the principal database, a host of crystal and dashboard reporting functionality and a securely hosted solution.


How much does JCAD’s risk software, CORE, Cost?

The cost of the JCAD CORE system is determined by the number of users and the business disciplines required. Please call us on 01730 712020 to discuss your requirements and get a quote.


What is the implementation process ?

There are 6 distinct phases to the CORE Implementation process.

1. Discovery Phase
In this phase our consultants work closely with your business to ascertain your specific requirements for risk, audit and or compliance. We will work with you to compile a complete record of your required criteria (including terminology, classifications, corporate plan and risk matrix). Details such as business preferences on how information should be viewed, access rights and system configuration are detailed and agreed.
2. Database Prototype Delivery
A prototype database is configured and developed for review, testing and approval.
3. Framework development
In this phase the system rules and terminology are detailed and agreed using any amends or changes derived from the review of Phase 2.
4. Definitive Database Delivery
A definitive database is delivered for implementation into your organization.
5. Training
Full training will be provided on the use, available functionality and framework of the database within your organization at a time and date that suit your needs.
6. Go Live & Support
Once you are comfortable with the system, you will be able to start using as part of your daily business activities. JCAD provide comprehensive ongoing support through a hotline, User Group meetings and regular communications. JCAD can also help support your business with appropriate Hosting of the application.


Depending on the needs of your business, JCAD CORE can be implemented in as little as 2 weeks.


I’m interested, what do I do next ?

Call us on 01730 712020 to discuss your requirements, request a brochure, book a demo or get a quote.